KC Ortiz “West Papua” Photography

15 Feb

Recently my aunt, always up to date when it comes to art, told me about the photographer KC Ortiz, unfamiliar to me, so I googled him and discovered his amazingly hard-hitting photography work.

The photojournalist KC Ortiz, based in Chicago, is described as a bold artist successfully establishing himself as a popular photographer. As he is concerned with the stories of so-called forgotten people, one of his many works captures the dire conditions of West Papua by portraying the war-torn areas. These photographs present the unvarnished truth of rebel fighters of the Free Papua Movement, battling against already 47 years of Indonesian colonialism and military operations in West Papua.
In my eyes these photos definitely create a certain awareness about war taking place in areas grabbing little attention. After digging deeper into this sensitive topic, I discovered shocking information about the cruelty of the Indonesian military towards the Papuans, and their daily suffering. Over 400,000 people have been killed so far – a full-fledged genocide….


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