Campaign development Task 04

23 May

I decided to narrow down by campaign development to the topic Child Soldiers.

I did some general research on the topic and gathered facts on where this conflict still exists, that is to say most notably in Africa and Colombia. I went on the website CounterPunch and read some interesting facts regarding this isssue, which are available on:

The article on this website claims that today, the International Criminal Court issued its first ever verdict called Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, a Congolese warlord. He has been convicted being involved in the recruitment of child soldiers, thus, now faces life imprisonment. However,  this issue is not only visible in Africa. Also in Colombia, a everlasting conflict continues, and children are exploited for war purposes.

Child soldiers, already at a very young age of five years e.g., are being recruited and abducted by armed groups much closer to home, and consequently abused with torture, rape, and unimaginable atrocities, in short words these children are used as virtual slaves.

I further on laid more focus on Africa, in order to connect better to my intention of particularly emphasizing on the KONY2012 campaign, which deals with Uganda. Hence, I found information on Congo in a video describing the support the Peace Direct Organization is giving  the frontlines of conflict to protect the children and their communities in war struck Congo. Shockingly still an estimated 7000 children are being exploited for active warfare in Congo. I found this information on:

Video linked to this article is available at:


I further researched this topic and found out, that the video KONY2012, which I already posted in task 03, is unfortunately  accused by several critics of being a  misinterpretation of the current state of the child soldier conflict in Uganda. After finding out more information on this so-called scam campaign, I decided to focus on Joseph Kony and the LRA and to dig deeper into this controversy caused by the ‘Invisible Children’ organization.


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