Campaign development task 05

23 May

Definition of my target audience:

As my campaign incorporates the topic of child soldiers, my first intention was to create a campaign addressing the adult audience, optimally with children themselves. As the exploitation of children for war purposes is a very serious issue and an ongoing conflict, it requires serious devotion from politically engaged individuals, other than those working for governments, in order to positively contribute to this matter. I believe that adults from a certain age, approximately starting from 25 and ending with 45 years of age, are the best people to approach with this topic, as they are mostly financially more stable, mentally more resilient,  longer-established, politically more educated, and principally more adepter compared to a younger audience. In my opinion, adults from this age group may better relate to this campaign, as they, in case they are parents, automatically are emotionally more involved – immediately thinking of their own children… Another factor playing an important role is probably also the socio-economic background of my target audience, witch in this case is a target audience with a middle to upper class social status. I think that individuals with a more comfortable, stable lifestyle are more likely to support a charitable purpose, as they are emotionally and financially more open and free to deal with such critical matters.

I wanted to really shatter my audience by quasi reversing roles – by illustrating children obviously originating from european countries, in armor and in conflict areas, resulting in the viewers not being able to look away from the campaign images, as such issues are typically not related to children in Europe. I started to look for images of european child soldiers and for instance found this one available at:

The second image is available at:

The third image is available at:



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