Campaign development task 06

24 May

After I finished my research with emphasis on child soldiers in the region of Uganda, linking to the KONY2012 campaign, I moved away from the idea of visually employing european child soldiers for my campaign, although it would have been controversial, eye catching, and challenging to translate. The reason for this was my growing awareness for  a currently bigger issue than the employment of child soldiers themselves, as the issue, particularly in Uganda, is not acute anymore (KONY2012 campaign perverted the facts), unlike the lacking support of child soldier rehabilitation programs. I also watched an interesting video on YouTube, outlining the real current situation of child soldiers and Joseph Kony’s LRA (Lord Resistance Army) in Uganda, with is available at:

I received information e.g. on the current issues involving child soldiers and the subsequent problem from the National Geographic website e.g., available at:

This article describes former child soldiers’ suffrage from traumas, emotional maladjustment, bad physical conditions, lacking education, unemployment, and lonelyness. In most cases these children end up on the streets, totally defenseless, only familiar to violence, and unable to provide for themselves, while they are very likely to again join an army, this time as wage laborers for the government. These children are simply not able to be children again and just need help from organisations emphasizing on getting their lives back, that they are  actually supposed to have as children. This information I found in ‘The Journal of International Policy Solutions‘,  available at:

During the time I elaborated this topic I was deeply touched by the many horrible destinies of these children and their families, thus, I decided to campaign for the rehabilitation and demobilization of former child soldiers, incorporating three important phases, which are  demobilizing, rehabilitating, and reintegrating child soldiers in african conflicts. My idea was to campaign as a NGO, animating the audience to donate for my program. My idea was to represent these three phases with three specific photos of child soldiers dreaming and wishing for these phases to become true.

I chose to utilize these four images:

image 1:

Available at:

image 2:

Available at:

images 3 & 4:

image 3:

Available at:

image 4:

Available at: Corbis-42-21668015.jpg


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