Campaign development: task 02

1 Mar

Topic 1: Racism and discrimination in fashion and beauty industry: This links to the current debate around Beyonce’s new album release photos, addressing the topic of power-laden ideals of whiteness dominating the beauty and fashion industry.

Topic 2: Finding my identity: As I am a child of a bi-racial relationship between my parents (father from Africa and mother from Europe), I always had difficulties finding my own identity. I would like to work on a campaign addressing the struggle of finding one’s identity. This topic links to my own research.

Topic 3: Child abuse: This topic I am referring to addresses violence against children in general and particularly sexual abuse. This topic also links to my own research.


McCann Milan child-abuse PSA for Casa do Menor in Italy

15 Feb

This agitating and controversial print ad shows a girl covered with hands and no matter how gruesome the image is, it effectively conveys the purposed message…McCann Milan attempted to create an awareness for sexual child abuse and the Casa do Menor in Italy. This image is extremely powerful and there is no need for added words, however, McCann Milan is accused for plagiarism. It is whispered that he stole the already existing ad-idea from photographer and sculptor Philip Toledano.

Food for Life

15 Feb

This striking image, one of the photographer’s James Mollison works, launched by the global communication campaign for 2003, co-developed by United Colors of Benetton and the World Food Programme, and the United Nations frontline agency, points out hunger as the most significant global continual issue. Sadly, this topic often gets under the radar.

Plastic Life Book by Vincent Bousserez

15 Feb

Plastic Life Book by Vincent Bousserez

While checking out one of my favourite digital magazines for fashion, arts, design & culture on, I came across these interesting and entertaining photographs of Vincent Bousserez- “Plastic Life Book”.

With this book, as per Alec Banks, the French photographer portrays a microworld by placing factory manufactured figurines amongst real life surroundings, and thus creates ironic and poetic scenes by utilizing macro photography. As a result, the photographer translates the surrounding world of lifeless giant objects taking a controlling position over these tiny people.

KC Ortiz “West Papua” Photography

15 Feb

Recently my aunt, always up to date when it comes to art, told me about the photographer KC Ortiz, unfamiliar to me, so I googled him and discovered his amazingly hard-hitting photography work.

The photojournalist KC Ortiz, based in Chicago, is described as a bold artist successfully establishing himself as a popular photographer. As he is concerned with the stories of so-called forgotten people, one of his many works captures the dire conditions of West Papua by portraying the war-torn areas. These photographs present the unvarnished truth of rebel fighters of the Free Papua Movement, battling against already 47 years of Indonesian colonialism and military operations in West Papua.
In my eyes these photos definitely create a certain awareness about war taking place in areas grabbing little attention. After digging deeper into this sensitive topic, I discovered shocking information about the cruelty of the Indonesian military towards the Papuans, and their daily suffering. Over 400,000 people have been killed so far – a full-fledged genocide….

Endangered Species Countdown

15 Feb


During my childhood I discovered a fascination for monkeys which are extremely sensitive and emotional creatures with an undeniable affinity to human beings.
Celebrated scientists like researcher Jane Goodall have detected that great apes have a distinct memory, that they are capable of abstract thinking, and even showing humour. These animals can paint, show selfless attitude and are even capable of so much more.

I chose to post this image as I believe that the creators’ use of a surrealistic style, explicitly portrays the horrible fact of particularly mountain gorillas counting to endangered species.
Time is ticking….

Workshop 1

9 Feb

Today we used a brush tool in photoshop to transform a photograph.